Paige Promises "Bad Ass Guests" For Sophomore Episode Of WWE Backstage On FS1 Tonight

Ahead of tonight's episode of WWE Backstage on FS1, Paige has taken to social media to hype up the show, touting "bad ass guests" and urges to keep the censors on their toes.

"We are back with WWE Backstage tonight," wrote Paige via her official Twitter page on Friday afternoon. "We got some bad ass guests and let's see if I can go through this show without a bleep button and see how many is too many spinaroonis."

Paige added, "CC: Renee Young! It airs immediately after Friday Night SmackDown at 10et/9c on FS1."

Check out Paige's tweet hyping tonight's edition of WWE Backstage On FS1 below.