John Cena Makes Personal Donation Of $500,000 In Honor Of "National First Responders Day"

In honor of National First Responders Day, WWE Superstar and emerging Hollywood A-list actor John Cena has made quite an impressive charitable donation.

The WWE veteran donated $500,000 for the holiday in honor of the National First Responders.

WWE.com released the following article to promote the story:

John Cena donates $500,000 for National First Responders Day

John Cena plays a firefighter in his newest movie, the Paramount Pictures release "Playing With Fire," but the 16-time World Champion is making sure the genuine first responders get their dues as well.

Cena announced on Monday night that, in celebration of National First Responders Day, he would donate half a million dollars to a charity of Paramount's choosing so long as it aids the men and women who race headlong into danger when catastrophe strikes.

As Cena explains in his video, he was motivated to make the donation specifically to help the first responders currently battling the California wildfires.

"In times like this, when people are giving their lives and working around the clock, what they need from us is resource," he says before signing off with a direct message to the California firefighters. "Please stay safe, and you are our heroes."

See Cena's post below.