Goldberg Says Roman Reigns Is "A Built In Rivalry"

Goldberg was one of many WWE legends advertised at last night's big SmackDown on FOX premiere.

While Goldberg only made a brief appearance at ringside during the show, he spoke to the media on the blue carpet earlier in the evening. When asked who he would like to face if he were to return to the ring, Goldberg named Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, and noted his natural rivalry with Reigns dating back to their college football days.

"God who wouldn't I like to face that I haven't? I mean, Roman and Braun are two guys that I would like to test their mettle a little bit," replied Goldberg. "Georgia [Goldberg] against Georgia Tech [Reigns] - it's kind of a built in rivalry."

Goldberg last wrestled at SummerSlam in August, defeating Dolph Ziggler in dominant fashion.