Dolph Ziggler Reacts To Fantasy Match With WWE Legend Steve Austin

WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler is once again making the headlines, but not for something he accomplished inside the squared circle. During WWE's newest show on Fox Sports One, "WWE Backstage," Booker T commented on the chance of Stone Cold Steve Austin ever returning to the ring. While giving his opinion, he offered his thoughts on who would be a great matchup for the Texas Rattlesnake. One of the names he mentioned was former-World Heavyweight champion, Ziggler.

On Twitter, where Ziggler airs his opinion quite often, he replied to Booker T and gave a very candid answer.

A member of the WWE Universe replied to Ziggler, claiming it would be one of the better matches in his career. Once again, the WWE star responded in the only way he knows how:

Of course, this match has a very slim possibility of happening. It's always fun for the WWE Universe to come up with "dream matches." Most of the time, they do include Austin.

Even though Ziggler poked fun at Austin, as well as part-time wrestlers, he continues to work with the WWE on a full-time basis when he does compete. Ziggler is comparable to Chris Jericho in that aspect. Despite taking time off, both men always work full-time when called upon by Vince McMahon.

With "Smackdown Live's move to Fox and WWE NXT now appearing on the USA Network, the landscape is changing in World Wrestling Entertainment. "WWE Backstage" is being utilized for more than just commentary from WWE personalities. On Tuesday, Triple H appeared on the program to announce a blockbuster trade between Raw and Smackdown. It's looking like the WWE brass will use the show on Fox Sports One as a platform to include legitimacy to a product that is pre-determined outcomes.

On WWE TV, Ziggler is teaming with Bobby Roode. The team just lost their WWE Raw Tag-Team championships to the Viking Raiders on the most-recent edition of "Monday Night Raw." It's unknown how long Ziggler's tenure is going to last, but if he continues to wrestle a full-time schedule, perhaps a match with a part-time star isn't out of the question.