CM Punk Is Interested In FOX But Not WWE

CM Punk has been back in the news recently after word broke that the former WWE Champion recently tried out for FOX's upcoming WWE studio show, WWE Backstage.

Punk confirmed those reports during an appearance on Collider Live. Punk admitted that he was interested in the show because it's a FOX production, and would have turned it down if it was WWE.

"My agents just called me and FOX is throwing everything at this because they spent a lot of money on this and they're all in to make it work," Punk said, via Wrestling Inc. "Originally I thought it was a WWE thing, so I was just like, 'meh, no.' But then they said, 'this is FOX.'

"I'm not dealing with anybody in WWE," Punk continued. "They explained to me what it was and I love Renee Young. Renee Young is a great person... she's Canadian, so obviously she's super over-the-top nice and friendly. I prefaced it with, 'Guys, I'm not going to come in and dump all over stuff just to dump on it. That's old Phil. But if it's bad, I'm not going to be able to pretend it's anything but bad.'"

Punk added that he's open to talks with WWE, but doesn't seem to want to wrestle. You can watch Punk's appearance in the video above, or read highlights at Wrestling Inc. by clicking here.