Booker T Looks Back At The Origins Of His Trademark Spinaroonie (Video)

On a new edition of WWE's digital series "The Story Of", Booker T spoke at length about the origins of his trademark "Spinaroonie" and how he feels it played a big factor in changing the perception that fans had of him in WWE.

"The Spinaroonie came from my days as a dancer," said Booker T in the clip, which was released via the official WWE On FOX YouTube channel. "I was a break dancer, pop locking days, and back in the days when they had the beat box, and the cardboard box. I never played sports or anything like that, and the Spinaroonie was just something that was just a part of the dance."

Booker T then recalled the first time he did the "Spinaroonie" inside the squared circle.

"I remember the first time that I did it in a wrestling ring, I was wrestling in Dallas, Texas," said Booker T. "It was my debut there, my brother and I were wrestling a couple of guys, and they didn't like us too much in Dallas."

The WWE Hall Of Famer continued, "I remember walking into that arena, with that 100 people, and doing that 'Spinaroonie', and people being one way and being changed, from that moment, that 100 people turned into 3,000 people a week."

Check out the "WWE The Story Of" video featuring Booker T reflecting back on the origins of the "Spinaroonie" below.

(H/T to WrestleZone for transcribing the above Booker T quotes)