Ric Flair Talks "The Man" Trademark: Charlotte Is Mad At Me And WWE Has Lost Respect For Me

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair spoke with TMZ Sports this week about how his LLC recently filed to trademark "The Man" and the fallout. Video from the interview can be seen above.

The Nature Boy talked about seeing RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch first start using the nickname back in 2018, and his initial reaction. Flair revealed that he reached out to a WWE lawyer, but didn't receive the response he was hoping for.

"I'm glad I'm having this opportunity to clear the air," Flair said, via Wrestling Inc. "When I first saw this go down in August of 2018, I thought, 'Cool, The Man, my gimmick, vs. my daughter, Charlotte.' It started right after SummerSlam. I thought, 'Cool.' So, I said I'm going to make some money, it's my trademark, they have it. I've been saying it since 1981. So I got my worded statement, I sent them a text and their lawyer, who just has no respect for me whatsoever, which is something I'm not going to deal with much longer, he said, 'You're wrong, not even close.' I said, 'Not even close?' So, boom, I sent him another text and he didn't respond. So, I had my lawyer call him and he blew off my lawyer."

Flair said he informed Triple H that he was going to file to trademark the nickname he had been using for decades.

"This is all in 2018, or in January of 2019. So, I call Hunter [Triple H], I told Hunter I'm going to file. The reason they don't have it [the trademark], from my understanding, is because it's too close to mine. I've been saying 'To be The Man', which I have trademarked, I wrote a book, 'To Be The Man.' So, I told Hunter, if push comes to shove, I'm going to file for it," Flair recalled.

Flair made it clear that he supports Lynch, and said he thought about reaching out to her to give her props for this week's WWE TV segment with Sasha Banks. He also revealed that daughter Charlotte Flair isn't happy with him for the trademark situation.

"Here's the deal," Flair continued. "I love Becky Lynch and no one has supported the women's division more than me, as an outsider. As a matter of fact, I've told the guys... I would've texted Becky last night [after TV] and Sasha, but I'm sure Becky... I don't know what the WWE spin has been to her. They stole it [the show] last night. It's funny, my daughter is mad at me because I filed, not even understanding it's not with Becky, I have no beef with Becky, but here's the deal - when I almost died two years ago, one person stayed by me the whole time, 31 days in ICU, 12 days while I was dying on a respirator, and I'm going to take care of her and her family, and my family, has taken care of me no matter what."

Flair also made it clear that he will continue fighting for the trademark, and said he believes WWE has lost respect for him.

"I don't care what the WWE thinks of me personally, I know they love me, but obviously they've lost respect for me," Flair said. "If I don't win and even if I won, Becky can have it all day long, I'm glad. But I want the company to pay me for it, and I'm going to take care of my family. I am going to be 'The Man' and if I don't get it, may on my tombstone say, 'He died trying to be The Man.'"

Lynch tweeted on Saturday and made an apparent reference to the trademark issue. She wrote, "I am The Man."

Flair made a tweet that same day, which appeared to be a response to Becky's comment. He wrote, "To Be The Man, You Gotta Beat THE MAN! #alreadytrademarked"

You can see their tweets below: