Backstage Notes On Scripted Promos On RAW/NXT And AEW

Current plans call for the weekly NXT TV show to be heavily scripted when it premieres on the USA Network later this month, according to Wrestling Observer Radio's Dave Meltzer.

On a related note, Meltzer added that some of the promos on this week's RAW were not scripted word for word, which is a change from how things are normally done on Monday and Tuesday nights. There's no word on which RAW promos were not heavily scripted this week. It's no secret that the heavily scripted word for word promos have been a source of negative fan feedback for several years.

Going back to plans for NXT to be a heavily scripted show on the USA Network, it will be interesting to see if this directive changes or how it will affect the Wednesday Night War with AEW on TNT. Meltzer reported that AEW's weekly program will not be nearly as scripted as NXT. AEW does not plan on hiring a team of writers. It was described as many of the wrestlers coming up with their storylines and their promos. Obviously not every talent on the roster will be given this freedom, but it sounds like most, if not all, will at least have some input into their programs and feuds. Meltzer noted that some wrestlers will use bullet points, but there will be no word for word promos, and that some wrestlers will be able to memorize their promos if they want, from those points.