Video: CM Punk Gets In The Ring And Takes A Bump

CM Punk is featured in the promo below for his Starrcast III panel this weekend.

In the promo, Punk is in a wrestling ring and made some pro wrestling references, including sitting in the middle of the ring like Aleister Black and asking, "Everybody sits this way now, right?"

Punk also took a minor bump in the ring and joked that Starrcast promoter Conrad Thomson pay him $20,000 for it.

"I just took a bump," Punk said, via Wrestling Inc. "That's like $20,000 right there. Thanks, Conrad!"

Punk also poked fun at wrestlers like The Undertaker and Kurt Angle, who cancelled their appearances due to WWE.

"I'm sorry to inform you all that I have to cancel my upcoming appearance at Starrcast," Punk said. "That's what everybody does, right? Everybody cancels. Well I'm not f--king canceling because I don't cancel, because I do what I want. Nobody can tell me where to go, who to work for, who to sign autographs for, whether I have to smile to take pictures or not. I will smile because I am actually going to be happy to see you, but I'm not going to cancel unlike everybody else who's ever done Starrcast. I will be there and I'll see you Saturday."