KM Says Impact Wrestling Is Trying To Be A Major Company While Offering Indie Pay

KM was in the midst of an alliance with Fallah Bahh after turning face in Impact Wrestling earlier this year before he suddenly disappeared from television. This past March, Impact Wrestling moved KM to their Alumni section.

Several months later, KM took a shot at the pay in Impact Wrestling, which prompted Impact EVP Scott D'Amore to reply, "We paid double your normal wrestling rate kid. We can't help if that it took you this long to figure people would pay more to not see you wrestle."

KM discussed his Impact status to Wrestling Inc. on their WINCLY podcast. During the interview, he spoke about his exchange with D'Amore and noted that Impact is trying to be a major company while they are paying indie levels, and you can't be a big company and an indie company at the same time.

"Don't get me wrong based on Twitter, but I actually like Scott and I hung out with the office over there," said KM. "I hung out with [Impact executives] Sonjay [Dutt], Scott, Josh Mathews, Ross Forman they are all super cool dudes. But when I made a lighthearted joke to that fan and [Scott] took a jab at me, I was like, 'I'm biting my lip with all of the skeletons in the closet about this place and you're gonna come at me?'

"It was just nonsense but I get it as he's the EVP and has to defend the place. Would I have taken a shot at me, knowing me? Not necessarily but I am a bit of a loose cannon with a short fuse and I'll speak my mind."

You can listen to the interview with KM in the video below, or read the recap at Wrestling Inc. by clicking here.