Steve Austin Responds To Former WWE Star's Racism Claim

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson has made some wild claims in the past. Among his claims was that he suspected Steve Austin of spray-painting the "N" word on his car after Johnson won the Intercontinental Championship in 1996, as seen in the video above. According to Johnson, a fan told him that Austin was seen near Johnston's car that night.

Austin has been quiet about the claims, however finally addressed it on The Steve Austin Show. While guest Mark Henry was discussing the reasons why he did not like Johnson, Austin chimed in to address the spray paint claim.

"That guy has said things about me that were untrue," Austin said, via Wrestling Inc. "Not a fan either. Thank you for attesting to [me not being a racist]. I've never been able to address that because I've never had the- never needed to. That's a completely fabricated story and is complete horse sh*t and I've maintained my silence and this is the first time ever I've addressed it or talked about it."

Henry agreed with Austin, and said that he could personally attest that Austin was not a racist.

"I would attest that you are not a racist," Henry said. "You ain't have to validate [Johnson's] stupidity. I'm glad we can address it because the source that it came from was not valid enough for anybody to believe it anyways."

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