TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 4/17/2014

Posted by Eric Arrington April 12, 2014 0 Comment

– Below are full TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers for the April 17th episode:

Taped Thursday night:

* Madison Rayne beat Velvet Sky in a non-title Street Fight.

* Willow beat Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud in a handicap match. They attacked Willow after the match until Kurt Angle made the save to a big pop.

* Angle cut a promo and said he’s back. Angle says he’s not done until he’s taken out on a stretcher or put in a body bag.

* Kenny King comes out and cuts a promo about how good he is. He’s going to commentate the next match.

* Tigre Uno defeated Sanada in the second match of their best of three series.

Taped Friday night:

* Eric Young comes out to celebrate his world title win. Dixie Carter interrupts and says she always saw potential in Young. She ends up saying Young belongs to her because TNA is hers. Bully Ray eventually interrupts and praises Young. Ray taunts Dixie and gets the crowd to sing “goodbye” to her.

* The Wolves defeated BroMans by DQ.

* Bobby Roode issues an open challenge for a tables match. Gunner answers it but Roode gets the win with help from James Storm. After the match, Storm and Roode beat down Gunner until Bully made the save.

* MVP comes out and says Samoa Joe is gone and won’t return any of his calls. Austin Aries interrupts and wants to know why he’s been held back. MVP challenges Aries to a match. Aries calls him a convicted felon and the match is on for next week.

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* Eric Young beat Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match.

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