Possible RAW Heel Turn, Backstage News on Vince McMahon’s WWE 205 Live Plans

Posted by Eric Arrington January 12, 2017 12 Comments

– Vince McMahon is said to be very disappointed with WWE 205 Live and how the RAW cruiserweight division has been received by fans, and is looking to use wrestlers with name value like Neville, Austin Aries, Tajiri and others from WWE NXT to help keep the division going.

Apparently there was earlier talk of Neville not working the division but he’s been praised for his recent work with WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann and the other cruiserweights. There has also been talk of using Aries as a 205 Live wrestler once he’s able to return from his large orbital fracture. No word yet on what that would mean for his NXT run.

– We may be getting a heel turn from The New Day soon. Another idea discussed for the group would see them split up but there’s no word yet on what they may have in store for Kofi Kingston, Big E or Xavier Woods after the split. There are several people against a turn by The New Day due to their merchandise sales, which are still moving but aren’t as hot as they once were.

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  • Lemmy Is God

    The cruiserweight division was a dud until Neville because wwe killed the momentum they had from the cruiserweight classic. I don’t understand how vince is shocked when he’s the one that runs the show

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  • Kyle Christie

    They’ve pretty much ruined the cruiserweights from the get go. Look at the Cruiserweight Classic then look at the cruiserweights on RAW each week. There was so many memorable moments and awesome matches from the CC but I’m yet to see an awesome match from RAW or 205 Live. The Gentleman’s Duel and Parley stuff has been good but the matches are usually pretty boring. There’s been a few decent ones but they are nothing special. They need to stop following the same boring format they do for the majority of matches in WWE and actually let them wrestle. Stop with the ridiculous amount of rest holds, it’s bloody boring. This is how a lot of matches go on Raw, a few moves then rest holds for 90% of the match then face makes comeback, few moves and done. It’s boring and it’s no surprise that the fans don’t care. Most exciting hour on TV? Lies. If you would stop restricting your talent, you could have the best shows on the planet. Vince and Dunn will never learn though. Sad.

    • MrEddyG

      Agreed. The guys aren’t being allowed to just wrestle & are wrestling mostly like heavyweights with the stupid rest spots & the limited “safe” WWE style. Plus the gimmicks-Cedric/Alicia/Nomar idioit angles & the dumb characters the writers are completely ruining them with are not helping. Neither is taping the show AFTER SD when the crowd’s tired.

      • Kyle Christie

        I agree, at least there is some sort of story but it’s not great. I’m not saying they need to be doing dangerous spots or damn near killing themselves but the matches need to be better and not the same thing each week. That goes for all of WWE. Well, SD’s not bad but RAW is. No matter who’s wrestling, the match follows the same format and it sucks so much. The Reigns v Owens matches have just been absolutely terrible, so much rest holds. Ugh, I hate it. You’re supposed to be entertaining the people, not putting them to sleep. Also, there’s no need for the 205 Live show if they would use their time right on RAW, same goes for the likely new UK show that they want to do. Stop going for quantity over quality and focus on putting a great product out there because they have the talent, they just aren’t being booked properly.

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