John Cena on Why He Doesn’t Want Kids Right Now, Marrying Nikki Bella, Hip-Hop, More

Posted by Eric Arrington April 13, 2016 0 Comment

– As seen above, John Cena appeared on The View this morning to promote FOX’s “American Grit” reality series that begins on Thursday. Cena commented on recording his theme song and says that was done a long time ago, joking that hip-hop is a young man’s game and he’s more of a relaxed lounge singer type of guy now.

In regards to what hobbies and interests might be a relationship dealbreaker, Cena said it’s more about the rapport between people in a relationship. Cena said he’s a car enthusiast but he doesn’t put automobiles over the person he loves. They brought up Cena’s relationship with Nikka Bella and Cena called her a “helluva” woman.

When asked about marriage, Cena said his views against it are just him being stubborn and not willing to grow but he’s changing his perspective day-by-day. Regarding having children, Cena said he’s been awake at 5:30am and went to sleep at around midnight for the past 3 days, for work, and that’s because he’s very driven. Cena said he loves what he does and if he has a child, he wants to father the child. Cena talked about how he loves what he does every day but he knows the window is small and it will end. Cena knows there’s no way he can raise his own kid and be there for them right now with his career the way it is.

In the video below, Cena promotes “Grit” and talks about the “#ShowYourGrit” social media campaign he’s been running. He also runs the hosts through a challenge and does a rapid fire Q&A segment. Cena says he hasn’t been on a vacation in a while but he would like to take Nikki to Napa Valley. His favorite alcoholic beverage is red wine and his favorite TV show is Total Divas.

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