Backstage Heat on Roman Reigns for Incident, The Shield Still Praised

Posted by Eric Arrington July 16, 2013 3 Comments

There has been at least some backstage heat on Roman Reigns for something that happened with Randy Orton at a WWE live event a few weeks ago. Apparently Reigns confronted Orton backstage over a blown spot in one of their matches. This rubbed Orton the wrong way. Seth Rollins was reportedly involved also, telling Reigns it wasn’t a good idea to confront Orton in the first place. Orton may have been in the wrong but he still has a lot of influence backstage.

At the same time, Reigns and Rollins were praised for their Money in the Bank pre-show match against The Usos. For those wondering the reason for the pullback in The Shield’s push, it has do with the fact there is “nowhere to go from the top.”

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  • mxxm

    so Roman doesn’t believe in mistakes?

  • raven

    an orton botch leading to heat on someone else…the story of his career.

  • bella

    reigns is fuckng sexy fuck randy snorton

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