Are There Problems Between WWE and John Cena?, Backstage Talk on Recent Rumors, The Undertaker

Posted by Eric Arrington November 28, 2016 3 Comments

There have been all sorts of rumors about John Cena and WWE going around over the past few weeks but one thing we can confirm is that the two sides remain on good terms. A source noted that there has been a bit of friendly tension since Cena expressed interest in pursuing outside projects but there is no heat between he and Vince McMahon, and Cena remains committed to the company.

It was also noted that Cena wasn’t thrilled, but not upset or angry, about Bill Goldberg’s return to the company. Part of Cena branching out with non-WWE projects is because he felt a bit taken for granted. Cena reportedly feels he has always there for the company, no matter what, and is frustrated by the big money and attention that part-timers like Lesnar, Goldberg and The Rock were getting for limited schedules or few appearances, feeling that he should be treated the same way. It will be interesting to see if Cena gets what he feels he deserves over the next year or so with the reduced schedule he’s working.

Regarding any rumors about WrestleMania 33, we do know that Cena vs. The Undertaker was the plan at one point but Vince asked the WWE creative team to start working on other WrestleMania 33 ideas for Taker.

That does not mean Cena vs. Taker won’t happen as we were told it’s still under consideration, and Vince really wants to do the match. One idea pitched and discussed had Taker interfering at Survivor Series to set up Goldberg vs. Taker at WrestleMania 33 but that obviously didn’t happen and Vince was said to be cold on the idea of Taker vs. Goldberg and another Taker vs. Lesnar match.

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  • KingBack

    Thank God. I would much rather see Undertaker/Cena than Undertaker/Goldberg or another Undertaker/Lesnar match.

  • creativemind225

    Undertaker versus Cena at wrestlemania would be a classic

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